I brought a very popular mopar collector from the area with me to look at this car, his name is Norm. He said, I should buy the car, so again with the support of my family ( parents ), I was able to purchase this really cool car. Norm towed the car back to Canada, and right through Canadian Customs, asking " Where's Daisy ?".


I started attending many local car shows the following summer ( 1992 ). Bought my first car trailer in 1994, to haul the car around . In the summer of 1995, I was working with an A & W Restaurant in Waterford, Michigan promoting their Saturday cruise nights. The last Saturday in September, I hauled the General Lee up to Waterford . This day would turn out to be one of many great days. I met this "Dukes Fan ", named  Joe.  He started telling me where the Dukes was filmed ( the first 5 episodes ). Way down in Georgia, a town called , " Covington ". So, over the next year Joe and I became really good friends. We even planned a trip to " Covington, Georgia ". The week before labor day weekend, 1996. We trailered my General Lee, all the way from Canada, down to the southern state of Georgia, over 900 miles one way.


It was incredible, we met many people including Jo, she owns the Covington Flower shop. We were in the famous Hazzard Square taking video and photos of me driving the General around the square.  When all of a sudden, this lady jumps out in front of me, I  swerved and went around her. Thinking we were in trouble I pulled up next to Joe, and asked him to meet me over where this lady was. Well, it turned out that this lady was the owner of  "Hollywood South", plus the flower shop . We talked for awhile, and she had asked us to come back for the following Thursday, to display the car.  Plus, during this trip we found the Boar's Nest and other locations used in the filming of the Dukes.  I especially remember the real police chases we did around the Oxford College, with the Oxford police. Yes, caught on video (we were even in the college newspaper, plus the 1997 college yearbook ).


Thinking this was possibly the best it could get was an understatement.  In January 1997, Joe and I started up The Canadian Dukes of Hazzard fan club. It started as a local thing which just kind of grew. When I received a phone call in late January '97, to inform me that " Waylon Jennings " was going to be in Michigan, I was just overwhelmed. I needed to find or buy an enclosed car  trailer, as it was winter. As luck would have it, I was able to find and purchase a great looking enclosed car trailer. So, I loaded up the car (Feb.'97 ), and met the group on  location where Waylon was to be.  On the door a little sign read " cancelled due to illness". I  was just glad  Waylon was ok.


Then in May '97, we all had the chance to meet "TOM WOPAT ". This day was incredible, he was the friendliest person you would ever want to meet. He spent as much time outside with us and the car as he possibly could. Tom ( Luke Duke ) autographed everything we asked him to  . The greatest day ever, since buying this car. Over the summer months I went on the Northern Tour, in Ontario. I  hauled the General  to over 20 cities / towns in a four week period. Being a little short on money I headed home.


In the  fall of '97, I met Honest John Ledbetter, played by Jack Gordon. He rode shotgun in the General Lee for the Santa Claus parade in a small town called, Essex, Ontario ( November '97 ).


When 1998 began, I had no idea how busy we were going to be. We even had t-shirts made with some of the cities where we would appear. Now working full time as a mechanic ( September '97 ), I  had the extra money to travel, but no time. My  boss, Steve and his wife Helen were very kind, I was able to take time off work to do the shows and still have a job to come back to. We ended up appearing at over 50 locations. It was either a car show, a parade, or some other kind of special event. One of the shows I remember was Canats '98, why ?, because we were able to visit my old Army cadet camp > Camp Ipperwash, while we were up in Sarnia, Ontario.


It  was time to head back down to Covington, Georgia. The week before labor day September '98, we again loaded up the General. This time, inside a cozy enclosed trailer. On this trip, there were three of us, Joe, Lori, and myself.  It sure was hot. The first part of our trip was to go to the "Hazzard Reunion Tour '98 ", in Renfro Valley, Kentucky. Here we met John Schneider and Sonny Shroyer, for the first time and the second time for Tom Wopat. We waited in lines for over 4 hours.


Making the long trip from Michigan was Kevin and Paul. While we were in Renfro we met more fans, like Julie and her mom  from Ohio, Derrick from Kentucky, and Pearl, April and their two girls from Indiana .  After about 1AM , ( this was Saturday of labor day weekend ), we all drove down to Covington, Georgia.

On Sunday we were meeting a bunch more fans at the welcome center. Four General Lees in total were there ,one was owned by our  good friend Billy , another by Andy , and the third was a Bo's General Lee owned by Breet,plus many other Dukes fans. Most were there to find out about the Boar's Nest picnic we had advertised. Yes , we rented the Boar's Nest ( the Monday of labor day weekend ), at the cost of $ 50.00 per hour. Someone mentioned that we could give rides around the square , maybe even out to the Boar's Nest to help with the cost. A couple of  guys from Athens ( college students ) were very supportive of this.


The next day, the day we had been waiting for . There were many visitors, a girl named Pat, with her brother ( she owns the General Lee previously owned by Byron Cherry ( I saw all the papers on this car, even caught it on video ), it was now red.


Even the local newspaper showed up, the editor / writer was Mark.  We filmed many hours of burn outs , spins, the inside and outside of the building ( even Boss Hogg's office ).This day was incredible.The next day we were shocked to see we were on the front page of the local paper, almost half of the front page was about us being there.


During the next couple of days we traveled to many sites, the junk yard ( incredible people Fred  , and his son in law Alan , treated us great ) , the jail where Daisy Duke was locked  up in One Armed Bandits ( a special tour of the inside of the building, including the cell where they filmed her on the bunk bed > caught on film ).

We  were able to sneak  in a couple more live police

chases ( looked so real > like COPS ), yes again caught on video.  The day to leave but we traveled up to Nashville, TN. We were told where Waylon Jennings lived , we found the house but he was not home.


We ended up doing  the Santa Claus Parade, November '98  again in Essex, Ontario. This is where I met my great friend Rob ( he would end up standing up for me in my wedding , plus he would build a General Lee ).



Yet , another year 1999 ,In January ,I drove all the way to the state of  Florida with my deck lid in the back of a station wagon to meet James Best, and Sonny Shroyer (2nd time). Man that was a long haul, but worth it , we were met by Billy ( from Tennessee) , and the voice man Will .

In February '99, John Schneider was making an appearance at the Akron Autorama, so I hauled my two spare deck lids down to get signed.


The greatest thing happened to me during the month of March 1999, I went on my first date with my future wife, Cheryl ( from Michigan, nothing even to do with the Dukes > roller skating, believe that ).


When  May was just a couple of weeks away we  had been asked to appear with Sonny Shroyer at the Novi Expo Comic Con.  Cheryl  was incredible, she really was bored , but she stuck it out for my sake.

I met  many more stars, plus even had some autograph the trailer walls, plus the car.Herbert Jefferson jr., he was an under cover FBI agent in the episode 'Under cover Dukes ', plus a stunt man Kane Hodder ( He was  the guy who played JASON IN FRIDAY THE 13TH ).  It was 3 days long, but it was cool.


In the fall of  '99, ( October ), we trailered the General all the way to Cooter's Place, not realizing, how long it would take going through the mountains.  We met Ben Jones, and John Schneider ( 3rd time for John ).We left the next day because it took us longer than we thought .So, in order to make it back to work on Monday, we left Saturday at 8:30 PM.


During the fall of '99, I was able to obtain a 1977 Dodge Monaco, and a 1977 Ford F-350 Tow Truck .


The next spring, Cheryl and I planned our wedding. A very different, kind of wedding. A DUKES WEDDING, with a police chase .( yes with a General Lee being chased by a Hazzard County Patrol car > with working sirens and roof lights ), my family thought I was NUTS.


After getting the approval from the local Police Chief, we were all set to go.


MAY 13TH 2000, WOW. HITCHED ,>>>>>>>.




Right after the wedding we planned yet another trip, down to Cooter's Place, but this time with the patrol car.

June 2000, James Best was there.


For more on my adventures ...PLEASE GO TO PAUL'S BLOG.....Thanks so much..Have a Great Day ..




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