The Canadian Dukes Museum
Has some memories to share with you
We hope you enjoy these photos

Detroit Symphony Orchestre Hall, Detroit MI, May ' 97.

presents western night with " Tom Wopat " ( Luke Duke )

Northern Tour, Campbellford, Belleville Ont, June/July ' 97.

Daisy Dukes Sportsbar, Westland MI, Aug. ' 97.

Strawberry Festival, Lasalle Ont, June ' 98.

with Jack Gordon ( Honest John Ledbetter)

Dukes Reunion Tour, Renfro Valley KY, Sept.' 98.

with Tom Wopat, John Schneider, and Sonny Shroyer

Welcome Center car show, Covington GA, Sept.' 98.

with Bo's General Lee ( # 3 of 4 )

The Generals Return Home, Covington GA, Sept. '98.

The Boar's Nest Picnic, Covington GA, Sept.' 98.

we rent the Boar's Nest, too cool!

Motor City Comic Con, Novi MI, May ' 99.

with Sonny Shroyer

Special appearances by Herbert Jefferson JR, & Kane Hodder

Cooter's Country Jamboree, Sperryville VA, Oct. ' 99.

with Ben Jones & John Schneider

Cooter's Place, Sperryville VA, June ' 00.

with James Best & Ben Jones

Cooter's Place, Sperryville VA, July ' 00.

with Catherine Bach & Ben Jones

Canats 2000, Sarnia Ont, July ' 00.

Ruthven Apple Festival, Ruthven Ont, Aug. ' 00.

Cooter's Place, Sperryville VA, Sept. ' 00.

with Sonny Shroyer & Ben Jones

Dukes Fest ' 01, Sperryville VA, Aug. ' 01.

with Jack Gordon as Honest John Ledbetter,
Rick Hirst as Deputy Cletus, Ben Jones as Cooter,
Sonny Shroyer as Deputy Enos Strait,
James Best as Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane,
Byron Cherry as Coy Duke, Don Pedro Colley as Sheriff Little,
plus 2 stuntmen, the real general lee mechanic, plus even more!

Georgian College Auto Show 2001, Barrie Ont, Sept.' 01.

Detroit Autorama, Cobo Hall, Detroit MI, Feb.' 02.

with James Best & Sonny Shroyer

Here is what the General Lee Looks like December 4th, 2010.
With the New Banner made by Greg @ SIGN A RAMA
The General Lee is getting ready for a little ride
Sunday December 5th, 2010,
and he will be somewhere for a few weeks

The front banner shows
The Travelling Museum Trailer's New Logo
Plus it shows the inside of the trunk lid
front banner
The Rear banner shows the
New Logo for the Canadian Dukes Museum
Here is a close up of the rear banner,
states the car is signed
by all of the Surviving Cast Members

Brand New Awning made by Greg at Sign A Rama

Summer 2016

2016 cdm awning 2 photo 2016 Trailer Awning.jpg
2016 CDM Awning photo 2016 CDN Dukes awning.jpg
Yes, it is rather large, over 20' long X 9' wide.
Another Great Job by Greg


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