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We will post photos as we build this rather
large pole barn. This building will house
the General Lee, the Patrol Car, the Tow Truck,
PLUS, my private Dukes Collection.
It will take at least 3 years to complete this
project, because of the cost involved.

The first three photos show
the house with room to build.
This is the way the property looked
before we bought it. !!!!
Hope you enjoy these.

May 19 2001

type of building I wanted to build !

The designer from the truss company said the
engineers in Toronto will not approve the truss
that is required to span a 40' opening without
support beams in the middle of the building.
So, we will build a regular pole barn, but
with a 20' outside wall.
Compared to a normal 12' to 14' outside wall.

Below are some photos of the progress
since buying our home in the country.

November 1 2001
The surveyors had to make sure,
we build on our property.

February 13 2002
Notice the 6 foot privacy fence

March 6 2002
Nice and sunny but look at all the water!!!

March 7 2002
Well, way up North in Canada, the weather
changes faster then the Dukes boys changed a flat
SNOW 1 day later !!!!
Cheryl stands where the corners will be .

April 27 2002
A special thank you goes out to:
Don(JR),and Don(SR)> for all the fill.

To my son Lance, for all the work he did.

There were many extremely heavy pieces.

That required the two of us to work together.

Here is a size comparison.

May 4 2002
7 loads with this little trailer

May 5 2002
Total of 10 loads of cement pieces with this little
trailer.(15 tons)Lance with our little helper Sophia.

This is Don's rock pile.

May 8 2002
Who will level this mess?

May 9 2002
Cheryl spent three hours out here trying to
level the gravel pit, into an A & P parking lot.


more to be posted, soon !